allison hoover

My Life in GIFs

Wanna hang out some more? Here's my backstory.

Before becoming an Art Director, I was a media planner. I spent my days in stale spreadsheets when all I wanted to do was create awesome things with vibrant colors. 


The creative department looked like the place for me, but I had a lot of work to do to catch up. So I pulled a Lebron and took my talents to South Beach to become an Art Director at Miami Ad School.


In two years, I worked on hundreds of briefs, interned at three agencies, lived in six cities, and created my portfolio. 


I love diving deep into concepting and exploring every nuance of a target. I find few things as satisfying as perfectly choreographing beats and visuals when editing musically-driven video. 


Fluent in pop culture, I can easily rattle off ten reasons why JLaw and I should be best friends. My computer desktop reflects where my head is at, so most days it’s color-coded and organized to a tee. 


I want to create fresh work that entertains people and makes them feel something. My belief is that brands should make our days brighter and our world better. 


When I graduated, I couldn't be more excited to get back into ad life in the department I belong in, creating valuable work that people can truly enjoy. 


And now, I'm lucky enough to be at Universal Pictures dreaming up creative partnerships for the global marketing team.


So, that's my story. Now let's go make something awesome together.